The Merrill Sawmill massacre ended with the death of the mill’s owner, Dorian Morris, and the axe wielding menace, Vincent Mudgett, also known as Skullface. Vincent’s reign of terror came to an end and he was buried.

Or so we were led to believe...

In the years following Vincent’s death the Merrill Sawmill was converted into the Arcane Asylum for the Criminally Insane. Dorian’s brother, Dr. Adrian Morris inherited the property and turned the building into his own psychiatric hospital. 

Reports soon surfaced of patient abuse and scientific experiments on innocent victims. Dr. Morris hated Skullface and blamed Vincent Mudgett for his brother’s death. He took his anger over his brother’s death on the patients of the asylum.

The doctor was highly respected in the community though and he had the system on his side. Dr. Adrian Morris proved to be untouchable and the Arcane asylum’s reputation grew even darker and more twisted.

It all came crashing to an end several years later when the police arrested an unidentified man who was wearing a skull faced mask and claiming to be Vincent Mudgett. This ‘John Doe” was committed to the Arcane Asylum and Dr. Morris’ care. John Doe became the next unwilling victim of the asylum’s horror.

John Doe escaped captivity in the Arcane Asylum and turned the inmates against Dr. Morris and his staff. Wearing Vincent’s mask, John Doe opened a new and even darker chapter of the Merrill Sawmill.

Some doors can never be closed.

Merrill Boy Scout Troop 599 is excited to continue the fourth 
annual Haunted Sawmill with the introduction of an all new theme – the Arcane Asylum. 

The entire Haunted Sawmill has been revamped and new passages and terrifying rooms have been added. If you think you knew the Haunted Sawmill you will soon learn that everything you though you knew has been changed. Come and see the new terrors and horrors that await you at the Troop 599 Haunted Sawmill – the Arcane Asylum.